The Pandemic Data Room

The Pandemic Data Room (PDR) is currently being updated, reformatted, and moved a new location! Given its success in the last Data Challenge hosted by the CGDV, Flattening The Curve: COVID-19, it was decided to take the time to really work on the details of the PDR.

With the help of Georgetown University Faculty and Students, the team was able to put together the Pandemic Data Room for the last challenge, but they had a very short period of time to plan and design this resource. Now under the management and efforts of Georgetown University, The Pandemic Data Room is being more methodically put together by gathering feedback from organizations that may be interested in this resource, focusing on how to structure it from an Analysts point-of-view to best accommodate analysis, and moving it to a more user friendly environment!

We will providing periodic updates on the progress of this project, but will make a big announcement once the work is finished!

For now, the original Pandemic Data Room is still up, and is updated occasionally to make sure sources are still current, so you can check it out here if you would are having trouble finding data.

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