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The Current Data Visualization Challenge
July-October 2020

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Data Insights and Data Visualization from Global Collaboration

The Center for Global Data Visualization (CGDV) is a virtual center that brings together a global community of university students, the private sector, and key stakeholders to promote data literacy and promote data-driven decision making across the globe. CGDV aims to achieve the following goals:

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  1. Improve data driven decision making to address some of the most important global challenges
  2. Increase data literacy and capacity, and build a culture of data use around the world
  3. Breakdown the digital gender divide by increasing opportunities for women in the data sciences

This platform is entirely free for you to use and serves as a central hub for those passionate about data analysis.

The Pandemic Data Room

The Pandemic Data Room is a comprehensive database and platform full of information, data, and data visualizations on the COVID-19 pandemic.
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The Pandemic Data Room is constantly updated with the latest information from cutting-edge sources, professionals, and scientists. This initiative strives to generate insights that could lead to a better understanding of impact of physical distancing and the outbreak. We aim to bring amazing talent to work on the data and generate insights that can benefit the global community’s work to understand and control the spread of this pandemic.
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The Center for Global Data Visualization is powered by QED Group with collaboration from Georgetown University. In collaboration with its partners, the QED Group has provided over 23 years of data-driven insights for numerous humanitarian projects working to help solve global issues across several countries.

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