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Please make sure you have read through the Submission Instructions before submitting your project!

Information About Your Project

This form is here for you to tell us about your work. What was your methodology? What data did you use? Who is your target audience? This will not be displayed anywhere on the site, but is simply a way for the evaluation team to quickly check methods and data sources for false information.

If you have written this up and posted it somewhere, please provide a link. 

If you have included this information in your submission, please put "Included in submission" in the text box below.

If your data is from the Pandemic Data Room, just mark yes below and give us a brief description of the data you used, title or description.

If your data is not from the Pandemic Data Room, please provide links to the data you used with a brief description of what was used.

Your Actual Project Submission
(Instructional Video on Submission Instructions Page)

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