How To Submit to Challenges

1.   Are You Registered?

If you are not registered on the CGDV site, head over the registration instructions page, and follow along to get yourself registered as a member.

Once you have registered, or if you are already registered, you should be able to submit, but we strongly recommend reading through this page in its entirety before submitting.

2.  The First Form: About Your Work

The first form you will see is only for you to provide the information that the evaluation team will need to ensure the validity of your work and conclusions. This is not going to be a part of the judging process, but will only serve to remove those who use incorrect techniques, misleading visualizations and interpretations, or invalid data.

This is not a judgment decision for those that are reviewing based on this criteria, the standards will be very clear. Do not use a visualization that intentionally misleads the viewer by removing data, not starting axes from zero, etc. If you used data that may not be perfectly accurate or has a lot of missing pieces, that is okay, most data is not clean, but that must noted and accounted for throughout the analysis and visualization process. 

The Pandemic Data Room sources have all been vetted by a team of graduate students from Georgetown University, so there is a selection option to state that you got your data from there and, we will not require as much detail about your sources. This is not to discourage using your own data by any means, the evaluation team will just need the links and brief descriptions of what you used from those sources to ensure it is not used inappropriately in your submission.

3.   Do you have any experience with embedding in HTML?

If the answer is no, do not worry, we will walk you through the whole process on this page. However, if you do, and you are comfortable using an Iframe to embed your content in a post, you can go ahead and give it a try. If you run into any issues, come back to this page for reference.

The standard Iframe HTML tag will not work for the submission. The format for the Iframe will be like it is shown below.

It is the same as a standard Iframe HTML tag, but instead of an opening and closing tag, you will use brackets surrounding the iframe,

If you do not have any experience, please continue reading for a full walk through. 

4.   Is your work hosted somewhere else?

If your work is hosted elsewhere, then you will, more than likely, just need the URL where it is displayed to submit your project.

We have tested Tableau (which will be used in the video tutorial below), Power BI, Heroku, Flourish, Shiny Apps, Plotly, and many other applications to ensure they display well in Iframes on the site. Some embed code, and embed links require a little bit of modification in order for them to display the full content of your work, for example Tableau provides you with an embed link, but some of the queries need to be changed in order for it to display multi-page interactive visualizations. A written tutorial for Tableau is available here.

If you know of other software that needs modifications in order to be displayed using an Iframe HTML tag please let us know via our Contact Form, so we can add specific instructions for that program as well. Also, if you know of a webpage that offers a tutorial for that application or program, please make sure to include that as well. 

If for some reason after going through the video and following the steps, your work is still not being displayed properly, please fill out a Contact Form with an explanation of the problem you are having and the work you are submitting. CGDV Administration will get back to you as soon as possible to try and assist you.

Once you submit your post, you will be able to see and alter on your “My Profile” page. The link to this page is in the top right corner of your screen.

Video Tutorial for Submission
(One Example with Tableau, and One Example with Plotly/Chart-Studio)

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