Website Guide: New CGDV Members

Profile and Login Information

 Username: Your Username will be used for login, but the “First Name” and “Last Name” you enter is what will be seen by others.

While there are no strict restrictions for passwords, we recommend following the typical standards;
  At least 8 characters
  At least one number {0,1,…,9}
  At least one Capital Letter
  At least one non-standard character {?, !, @, #, etc.}

If you forget your Password, you can reset on the Login Page as long as you can access the email registered with your account.

Please note that you must login with your Username! You can not change your Username once it is made, but you can change the name displayed on your profile to other members of the site.

If you are unable to login to your profile, and can not figure out why, please complete a Contact Form with the topic “Profile or Login Problem” selected, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Types of Registration

When registering, you will notice a section where you can choose the “Type of Registration” you would like. For those who would just like to observe, participate in challenges, and stay up to date on CGDV Events and Information, the Standard Member Registration will be just fine!

However, if you are interested in playing a more active role in this community (we really hope so!), you can choose the CGDV Verified Member Registration. This type of registration gives you the ability to play and active and ongoing role within The CGDV. Once submitted and verified, you
  • The ability to freely comment on previous and future submissions to data challenges
  • Will have access to lines of communication with many of the accomplished top-level judges we have for our challenges!
  • Are the first in line for being a first or second level judge (depending on your experience), and get the chance to work with some amazing people from around the world
  • A fully customized and new profile on the CGDV website displaying your skills, achievements, knowledge, and any projects that you would like!

We want to create a highly interactive environment on this website, that allows for people from all different parts of the world and walks of life to collaborate and communicate. We hope to bring together a large, diverse, and data-centric group to attack some of the world’s issues in a more robust manner, by merging perspectives and ideas from around the world. The verified member registration process is only to ensure that this can happen in a safe and honest way.

Once you submit the form, a website administrator will contact you as soon as they can. The process will not be long or tedious, we are just looking to validate the field(s) you have education and/or experience in, and get very brief summaries of this education and experience. It is important to virtual communication that you have an idea of the background of those you are communicating with, and they have an idea of yours. Your field(s), achievements, experience, and anything else you’d like will be displayed publicly on your profile to ensure this can happen!
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