Register to be a Verified CGDV Member

Why Register to be a Verified Member?

  • Improve your ability to communicate with others and provide feedback on their work
  • Opportunity to work with highly accomplished professionals and academics in a collaborative and interesting environment
  • The chance to be a part of a global push toward the data literacy, data use, and evidence based decision making
  • The unique ability to work hand-in-hand with people from around the world who share a passion for all things data
  • An interesting addition to your CV or Resume, if this is still relevant for you, that very few others will have (if you ever have the chance to become a judge, work with another member on a publication, or some other interesting opportunity arises!)
  • The verification process not only puts you in the queue for judging challenges in your field, but it also provides you the ability to come on the site and communicate with challenge participants about their submissions. Ask questions, offer (constructive) feedback within the scope of your knowledge, or start an interesting conversation on the project.

Professionals or students, data expert or not, we encourage all to consider applying! If your knowledge does not fit it into the current challenge topic, it could come up in the future, and we will be happily reaching out to you.


  • Start your first, or a new CGDV Registration Form 
  • Click the button that says “Verified CGDV Member Registration” in the Registration Type section of the form
  • This will open up two new form fields, one asks for your field of expertise, and the next to describe your experience
  • In the field of expertise box, provide us with the area or field you would be interested in, and qualified for, judging submissions
  • In the next box, please provide a brief description of your experience in the field that shows why you are qualified to evaluate projects about the subject
  • This description does not need to be too long, education, projects, or work experience, will suffice. When submitted, if you have the appropriate qualifications, an administrator will reach out to you via the email provided, to ask you a few more questions about your background.
  • Once the level of experience you have in your field is determined, the administrator will ask you to provide a more detailed bio and a picture for your profile on the CGDV.
  • Your profile will then be marked with an icon representing that you are a verified user, and the level of expertise you have in the field specified previously.
  • Although you may not be a judge for this specific challenge, you will be the first in line for challenges related to your background, and more importantly, this will open access for you to post public comments on challenge submissions for the current or past challenges

We want to grow the community on this platform in a safe and structured manner, so submit your application, respond to the emails, and become an active member of a community trying to demonstrate the potential of data-centric global collaboration on some of the world’s most difficult social issues.

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